K O N G E L I G  D A N S K  Y A C H T K L U B

Nordic Folkboat National Championship

Skovshoved, Denmark - 5-9 july 2016

Dear Folkboat Sailors. KDY is proud to host the Open Nordic Folkboat Championship 2016 in Skovshoved. The Folkboat is not only the biggest One-Design racing fleet in Denmark but its relationsship to Skovshoved goes back many years. Skovshoved used to be the home harbour of a substansial fleet of boats. These days are over but still the Class is highly thought of in KDY. The evnet will drawn on the competences of The KDY organisation setting up an efficient and experienced group of ground staff, Race Officers and event management.

The venue harbor will be Skovshoved Habour located a few kilometres north of Copenhagen. Skovshoved has just been expanded with close to 300 breths, and is a very well equipped harbour. KDY has one of its three clubhouses at Skovshoved.

Sailing waters will be Öresund - north of the harbour in a short distance.

In 2016 KDY will celebrate its 150 years anniversary being the oldest yacht club in Denmark. The vision for the anniversary is to mark sailing as a sport for life, where generations can compete on equal terms. and KDY as the nationwide yacht club with activities all over Denmark, many of these planned and executed in cooperation with local clubs or with clubs sharing the same interest.

Photo © Per Heegaard

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and apart from great sailing waters, closeness to Sweden and beautiful girls the city offers sufficient housing facilities and a close to perfect infrastructure.

Spending time in Copenhagen can be done in Tivoli, at Bakken Amusement Park, in hundreds of great restaurant – among them the World Champ 2011 and 2012 Noma Restaurant and museums and historic buildings.


Royal Danish Yacht Club

Tuborg Havnepark 15

DK-2900 Hellerup



Phone: +45 33148787

Email: kdy@kdy.dk


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